XML Export Format

XML Export Format

This document provides more details about the XML export format for orders generated by UltraCart.

Schema Visualization

Below is a picture of the entire schema.  Elements shown in dashed lines are optional and may not exist in your XML. 

The XSD schema is attached at the bottom of this document and a live copy is here:  


Understanding the Nested Structures

The Order XML is a set of nested data structures represented in XML fashion.  At a high level you have:

  • Order
    • Item
      • Option
      • Lot
    • Coupon
    • Customer Profile
    • Transaction Details
      • Transaction Detail

Locating QuickBooks Accounting Code Related Fields

Parent ElementElementDescription
ordergift_charge_accounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the gift charge fee.
ordergift_wrap_accounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the gift wrap fee.
ordersurcharge_accounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the surcharge fee.
ordershipping_method_accounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the shipping method.
orderpayment_method_accounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the payment method.
orderpayment_method_deposit_to_accountQuickBooks deposit to account associated with the payment method.
ordertax_country_accounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the country tax (deepest level code used by UltraBooks)
ordertax_state_accounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the state tax (deepest level code used by UltraBooks)
ordertax_county_accounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the county tax (deepest level code used by UltraBooks)
ordertax_city_accounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the city tax (deepest level code used by UltraBooks)
ordertax_postal_code_accounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the postal code tax (deepest level code used by UltraBooks)
itemaccounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the item
couponcoupon_accounting_codeQuickBooks code associated with the coupon.
customer_profileqb_codeQuickBooks customer name to import these orders for the customer profile.
customer_profileqb_classQuickBooks customer class field for the customer profile used on the order.

XSD Download

Click here to download a copy of the XSD.