"Deprecated" Defined

from wikipedia:

In the process of authoring computer software, its standards or documentation, deprecation is a status applied to software features to indicate that they should be avoided, typically because they have been superseded. Although deprecated features remain in the software, their use may raise warning messages recommending alternative practices, and deprecation may indicate that the feature will be removed in the future. Features are deprecated--rather than immediately removed--in order to provide backward compatibility, and give programmers who have used the feature time to bring their code into compliance with the new standard.

The entire article is really quite informative. We recommend that you read it. It's only about a page long.

What it means to you

When you see the red warning of something being deprecated (see screenshot below)...

  1. It still works
  2. It will still work tomorrow
  3. It will still work next week, and next month.
  4. It is going away.
  5. If the deprecated object's replacement won't meet your needs, or is lacking a feature, it is your responsibility to contact UltraCart support immediately and let them know your needs. The sooner you contact us, the better. We'll do our best to make sure the new feature meets your needs - if we're given enough time.

Deprecation is nothing more than communication. We're letting you know that change is coming.