UltraCart's Built-in Marketing Tools

UltraCart provides two built-in marketing tools for email broadcasts and post-purchase follow up campaigns:

  1. Email Campaign tool
  2. Autoresponder tool

Email Campaign tool (Outbound Email)

An e-mail campaign allows you to send a message to one or more email list you have created. You may optionally include previously created coupons in the email. Once a campaign has been created and activated, you can monitor its status, view information regarding opens and clicks, as well as view other statistical data regarding the campaign.

Autoresponder tool (Outbound & Inbound)

The Email Autoresponder may be considered either an extension of the normal marketing campaigns or a replacement. It ties into the normal marketing campaigns by using the Email Lists described earlier. However, an Autoresponder differs from a simple Marketing Campaign with its ability to have multiple emails programmatically delivered to a customer.

  • Complex Execution Paths – A single campaign can contain multiple steps using complex logic allowing for automatic reactions to customer actions. Logic steps supply velocity code to dynamically determine the next steps in a campaign, while custom pause steps delay for varying time periods. The following figure gives a small sample of the power available to an Autoresponder Campaign.

Other Options

In addition to the built-in marketing tools, UltraCart integrates with industry leading 3rd Party Marketing tools