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Auto ResponderStorefront CommunicationsIf checked, user receives notifications related to activity/errors occurring with the UltraCart autoresponder tool.Email Campaign JobIf Checked, user receives notifications related to activity/erros occurring with a UltraCart Email Campaign toolStorefront Communications email campaigns and flows..

Orders > Overall


Order Placed

If checked, user receives notification whenever an order is placed.

This notification has the following optional settings:

 Include Order Details
  • If checked, the notifications will include the order details in the body of the message.
  • If not checked,  the notification will only have a hyperlink appearing in the body of the message,
    which when clicked will take the merchant to the order in the UltraCart backend.
 Include UltraROI DetailsIf checked, and the UltraROI is configured on the account, UltraROI details will be included in the body of the message.
Include Affiliate DetailsIf checked, and the UltraCart Affiliate Management system is configured, will include Affiliate details (when applicable.)