Buy on Google - Channel Partner Integration

Integration Status

Google Shopping Channel Partner Integration is currently in Beta as of Oct 20, 2021. Merchant's should test thoroughly.

Please make sure to send feedback to

Integrating Google Shopping as a Channel Partner

This integration will import orders placed on Google Shopping into your UltraCart account. Updates are pushed back up to Google Shopping for shipped orders, including tracking information.

Please note: This integration does not perform product listing.  This is accomplished via Google Product Search. Product search pushes product up to Google, this integration pulls down orders from Google.   They are separate integrations and configurations to allow for stand-alone search use.


Main Menu → Configuration → Integration (tab) → Channel Partners (group) → Google Shopping (Beta)

Integration Steps

Adding Buy on Google

Within Google Merchant Center you will need to enable the "Buy on Google" functionality.  On the left hand menu, click on Growth → Manage Programs.

Click on the "Get Started" for Buy on Google as shown below.

Scroll down and click "Link your online payment solution account" as shown below.

Click on PayPal and then click Link Account as shown below:

This will redirect you to PayPal in order to approve Google Merchant Center using your PayPal account to process payments.

Agree and Connect PayPal to Google as shown below.

Next click on "Authorize for payment processing" as shown below.

Fill in your PayPal email again, select your country and click Next as shown below.

Click to allow PayPal to connect your account to Google LLC:

Next click on "Authorize for the Billing Agreement" as shown below:

Select the payment mechanism you want to use to pay Google from:

Now that PayPal is connected, click on Get Started as shown below.

Verify your business name, address and customer service email.  The customer service email verification process will involve Google sending an email to the address specified and a link having to be clicked.  Once everything is verified, click on Continue as shown below.

Setup your fulfillment and sales tax configuration then click on Continue as shown below.

Read and agree to the Buy on Google terms of service as shown below.

Finally request review of your account by Google, this process will take several days.

Please note that you'll need to wait for approval from Google before continuing this tutorial.  Credentials will not function until your account is approved for Buy on Google.

Providing your Google Merchant Credentials

You must provide your Merchant ID and Google Shopping API Key JSON to connect to Google Shopping.

The Merchant ID is a simple number, such as 110549295.

The JSON is a large block of text containing cryptographic keys.  Here is an example (invalid data, you cannot test with this information):

  "type": "service_account",
  "project_id": "merchant-center-1628507557537",
  "private_key_id": "76b628ac1a786c87124355d76789e3a39c4b29e9",
  "private_key": "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----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\nGoYU5JHz4YviMNSkybkZHlNo\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n",
  "client_email": "",
  "client_id": "109173674408842143232",
  "auth_uri": "",
  "token_uri": "",
  "auth_provider_x509_cert_url": "",
  "client_x509_cert_url": ""

Finding your Google Merchant Credentials

  1. Login to Google Merchant Services.
  2. The Merchant ID is at the top right of your screen.
  3. The API Key JSON is created with the following steps:
    1. Click the Gear icon at the top right of your Google Merchant Center.
    2. Click Content API.
    3. Click the Authentication tab.  It is at the left of your screen below the Google logo.
    4. Click the round + button.
    5. Google Merchant Center will generate a content-api-key.json file for you.  Save this file to a secure location. 
    6. Open the file with Notepad, select the entire contents. 
    7. Paste those contents directly into the text area on the UltraCart screen.

Shipping Method Mapping

Next, specify how UltraCart should map the Google shipping method names to your UltraCart store. UltraCart will perform a shipping method calculation based upon the methods you select below to find the lowest cost method. For example, if you select three available shipping methods for standard, UltraCart will calculate which of these methods is available for each Google order and select the method that has the top priority.  If none of the top priority methods are available, then the least expensive method from the remaining choices is used. Your preferred method should have a priority of one, then two, etc.

For more details ,please see:

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