Configuring other (non-Google) tracking to your web site

Configuring Tracking Pixels

The following shows you where to configure Other (3rd party) Conversion and Tracking (C&T) for your storefront.

  1. Within Storefronts click on the Conversion Tracking tab.

  2. Within Conversion Tracking click the "Other" tab to display all the available tracking instances. Some will require more criteria to be configured than others. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom.

There are many tracking facilities on this screen.  Add the settings for the one(s) you want to configure and click the Save button.

How do I know it's working?  Run a test order through your checkout and view the source code on the Receipt Screen.  You should see the snippet of html code at the bottom.  If you are using a 3rd party C&T, contact them to insure that the tracking information reached them. 

If you have configured a "Custom Thank You Page" URL, it will by-pass the regular UltraCart Receipt Screen thereby rendering any configuration here inaffective. You will need to place your custom Tracking Code on the custom URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I trying to test out the Facebook Pixel. How can I verify the pixel is firing okay?

Answer: Install the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension and then perform a test purchase with the extension active in your Chrome browser. This Facebook Pixel Helper will provide real-time feedback to errors or other issues. Also note that you must have an active campaign for facebook to report on the activity. If you do not have an active campaign, the pixel may fire but not be recorded. Typically, merchants in testing phase will create a campaign based on an obscure search term and then perform the initial search on that so that its something that only the developer will trigger. Then once they see the successful reporting they configure and activate their real campaign.

Special note about Text CC setting and Facebook Pixel

Please note that the Facebook pixel is fired when the order is processed for payment. So, if you are testing using the ultracart Test Credit Card configured to place the order into the A/R, then even if you correctly have the checkbox setting unchecked for "Skip Conversion Pixels", you'll need to go into the A/R after placing the order to process the payment for the test order. You may with to go ahead and configure the Test Credit Card to treat the order as paid in order to eliminate this extra step.