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titleLogo File Format

It is HIGHLY recommended that you upload your logo in the .PNG format. The .PNG format offers better image quality for limited color images such as a logo. Additionally, you can save a PNG file with transparency, which can be used to match the logo's background with the StoreFront's colors perfectly.

The steps for uploading your own logo in place of the sample logo will differ base upon whether or not the storefront theme has the Visual Builder tool or not:

Steps for a Visual Builder Enabled Theme

Upload your logo using the Visual Builder editor. ...From the storefront menu, click the "Browse your Store" button:

Image Added

Next, click the "Edit" button that appears at the top left corner of the web page:
(This menu only appear when you are actively logged into the UltraCart back-end, it doers not appear to your customers)

Image Added

Next, mouse over the sample logo so that the logo is outlined in blue then click the gear icon (or use the keyboard shortcut "s" key to open the settings panel in the Visual Builder editor:

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Steps for a Non-Visual Builder Enabled Storefront Theme