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Abandon IntervalThe abandon interval setting controls the amount of inactive time a shopping cart session can have before UltraCart purges the shopping cart session. The default is 1 hour. This interval is expanded when features like return email are enabled on an account.Advanced
Advertising SourcesAdvertising sources allow you to track how your customers hear about your store. They will indicate the source during the checkout process. Tracking advertising sources is the best way to learn where your advertising dollar is having the most impact.Both
Allowed CountriesSpecify the countries that you will accept orders from by checking the boxesAdvancedbuySAFEIntegrate buySafe with your checkoutBoth
Checkout TermsIf you would like the customer to have to check a box agreeing to terms and conditions of the sale specify them here. The terms will appear on the review page of the regular checkout or on the single page checkout.Advanced
Checkout TextReview/Edit the default field labels with your own custom labelsAdvanced
Contact InformationThis page allows you to configure options related to the contact information requested or required from the customer to place an order.Both
CouponsCoupons allow merchants to offer discounts on various items or costs related to an order. Once you have created your coupon, merchants can display the coupon code on their web site (usually near the Buy Now button) that invites the customer to enter the code during the purchase process (at checkout). You can also generate Campaigns within UltraCart (covered later) which will generate random coupon codes so they can be used only by a single Email recipient (once).Both
Customer ProfilesThis is the page where you can enable or require Customer Profiles for the checkout process. the Settings page also allows for the configuration of the "My Account" customer portal as well as wholesale (pricing tier) sign up and the assignment of override URLs to the wholesale signup and login in links.Advanced
Customer ServiceThis is where you configure the contact information that will appear on your email notifications of how the customer can contact you. The information entered during your initial signup will appear here by default. If you prefer to use a different contact name, email or phone number, update the details on this screen. If you have more than one Screen Branding Theme, separate Customer Service sections will appear on this screen to which you can configure.Both
Digital DeliveryBy default, UltraCart allows a digital delivery customer a maximum of 5 download attempts over a 3 day period. If you would like to change this setting, you may do so here.Both
Dynamic PricingDynamic pricing is the process of embedding images for the prices of each individual item into web pages. UltraCart generates the images based upon the current price of the item by placing a snippet of code into your external web pages where you want the cost of the item to appear.Advanced
Exit PopExit pops allow you to give the customer an incentive via a coupon to complete their purchase. If the customer is in the checkout and attempts to leave they will receive a standard browser popup with some text (configurable by you). If they click the cancel button to stay, a nice coupon graphic will automatically be displayed and the coupon added to their account. A different exit pop can be configured for each of your screen branding themes.Advanced
Fraud PreventionThe UltraCart fraud prevention system is a set of industry leading rules that will help protect your UltraCart store from potential customer fraud.Both
Free Promotional ItemThe free promotional item feature allows you to give a customer a free item when they purchase a certain size order. This feature makes it easy to run promotions without giving a customer a coupon.Advanced
Gift CertificatesUltraCart's Gift Certificate function provides merchants with the ability to create and sell gift certificates, as both an item gift certificates that can be sold or an on demand gift certificates that merchants can create when needed.Both
Gift GivingThe gift giving feature allows customers to enter a Gift Message during checkout. This action signifies that the purchase is a Gift and therefore predetermined handling fees may be added to the total cost. Advanced
Minimum AmountUltraCart can enforce a minimum order subtotal or item count requirements. This feature is useful for merchants that sell a lot of inexpensive products. By setting a minimum order subtotal or item count requirement a merchant can ensure that the profit margin on the order will be enough to cover transaction fees, etc. (Configuration fields: "Minimum Item Count" & "Minimum Subtotal")Advanced
Multi-CurrencyMulti-Currency configuration allows the customer to change their shopping cart into their native currency via a hyperlink displayed in the shopping cart table. Optionally, items ca be configured with a specific currency designation.Advanced
Order ID SchemeUltraCart supports two types of order ID schemes. If you would like to have a sequential order ID scheme then select numeric, enter a starting number, and select the width of the ID (UltraCart will place leading zeroes in front of the number). Alternatively, you can select an order ID scheme based upon the date and time that an order was placed (which is recommended for account using UltraBooks for downloading orders into QuickBooks>)Both
Passive BrandingPassive branding is the placement of a small Powered By UltraCart logo at the bottom of the view cart page and powered by text on other pages. This small logo lets your customers know that your store is powered by UltraCart and gives them confidence that their ordering process will go smoothly.Advanced
PaymentsThis is where you configure how your customers pay for their purchases.Both
Related ItemsUltraCart can automatically suggest items during the checkout process that tend to be purchased based upon the customer's shopping cart contents. Turning on this feature can increase your sales over time by exposing customers to additional items during the checkout process. Please note that changes to number of related items or automatic calculation take up to 24 hours to take effect.Both
Return PolicyEnter the return policy that you would like your customers to see during the checkout process, on their receipt, and on the packing slip.(NOTE: Each screen Branding Theme has its own configuration section)Both
Sales TaxSales Tax Rates, Taxable Address, Automatic Exemption and Tax Tools are configured here.Both
Screen Branding ThemesUltraCart supports multiple "Screen Branding Themes" (SBT) for the checkout. While most merchants only use a single theme (the default) for the look of their screens. There are some merchants however that will utilize multiple themes for transitions in the look of their website or to brand the checkout so that it looks like an affiliates website that is sending traffic to their site.Both
SearchThe Search Tool screen is divided into five sections; Link, Form, Result Template, Phrase Standardization and Phrase Links and is contained on one screen.  However, the screen shot below has been split into two columns to save space. Advanced
ShippingThis is where you configure the shipping distribution centers, shipping methods, packages, handing charges related to shippable itemsBoth
Single Page CheckoutThis is where you toggle the default checkout to "Single Page Checkout" (otherwise the multi-page checkout is used.Both
SSL Certificate (Custom)This is where the purchase and/or configuration of an SSL certificate occurs.Both
Upsell AfterUpsell after allows you to present your customers with one or more offers for additional products after they click the finalize order button. Customers who have committed to purchase from you are very likely to add additional products to their order at this point in the purchase process. For example if you sell printers a logical upsell would be the USB cable or additional toner cartridge. The customer may have forgotten to add these to their cart while browsing, but would be interested in adding them to their order.Both