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titleImportant note regarding Restrictions and limitations to PayPal & Auto orders

These limitations are caused by PayPal's inability to handle the same level of customization that UltraCart's recurring orders possess.  

  1. No coupons.  A coupon present on a recurring order will cause PayPal to be unavailable as a payment option.
  2. Auto order items must have only one schedule (An annual subscription item can't change to a monthly rebill at a later point).  PayPal cannot handle multiple schedules on the same auto  order record
  3. Pause steps are not supported.
  4. Multiple "Customer-Selectable" configured auto order items are not supported.  We cannot guarantee the items will end up with the same schedule. 

There are two possible actions in regard to an active auto order:

  1. Cancel →  cancels the auto order. The auto order cannot be reactivated once it has been cancelled.
  2. Suspend →  pauses the auto order until you manually unsuspend the auto order.

UltraCart Account Settings for Subscriptions