UltraCart Payments

UltraCart Payments provides simple, user-friendly and secure way for individuals and businesses to accept payments online in the UltraCart StoreFront. At the moment UltraCart Payments is available for merchants from the US and Canada. 

Important Notes

Prohibited Products and Services

Prohibited Activities (see terms and services here: https://go.wepay.com/terms-of-service)

By registering for WePay as a Merchant (UltraCart Payments), you also confirm that you will not accept payments or use the Service in connection with the activities, items or services set forth below. Please contact activity-inquiry@wepay.com if you have questions about whether these categories apply to you.

AdultAdult sites, content, sexual services, child pornography, bestiality, escort services, mail order brides, massage parlors, Dating services, 
AggregationPayment facilitator to other merchants
AuctionsInternet auction, bidding fee auction, penny auction
Cash, stored value, virtual currencyCash or cash equivalent, purchase of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, bullion and/or bars (collectibles are not prohibited), 
Digital Wallet, stored value, prepaid companies, prepaid phone cards or phone services, sale of mobile minutes, or quasi cash, 
Scrip-dispensing terminal, Virtual currency or credits that can be monetized, re-sold or converted to physical or digital goods or services or otherwise exit the virtual world

DebtBail bond services or bankruptcy lawyers, Credit counseling or repair services; debt elimination, consolidation or reduction services; factoring or liquidators
Credit protection or identity theft protection services, Damages, losses, penalties, or fines of any kind; alimony, child support, or other court-ordered payments
Debt collection; payment for a dishonored check or for an item deemed uncollectible by another merchant, High interest rate non-bank consumer lending, including payday lending and title loans, Loan payments transacted on a credit card
DrugDrugs or drug paraphernalia, Marijuana dispensaries and related products or services, Peptides, Personal enhancement products or nutraceuticals - vitamins, supplements, herbals, weight loss programs, Pseudo pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, internet pharmacies
EducationFor profit higher education
Financial servicesBanks, credit unions, savings and loan associates, unit trusts, mutual funds, foreign exchange, Bureau de Change, Buy here, pay here (in-house financing),
Cash advances, Currency exchanges or dealers, Money transfer, wire transfers, money orders, money transmitters, and check cashing, including merchants required to be registered as money services businesses, Payable through accounts (foreign or domestic)
Gambling, lotteryGambling or betting, including lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, off-track betting, sports forecasting or odds making, fantasy sports, memberships on gambling-related internet sites and wagers at races, contests, sweepstakes, raffles, and offering prizes as an inducement to purchase goods or services
High RiskAstrology and related prediction or forecasting services
Brand damaging
Career placement or advice center merchants
Cyberlockers, file sharing, file storage
Delayed delivery merchants where the good or service is not shipped, delivered, or fulfilled when the card transaction is processed but is to occur at a future date
International card sales greater than 20% of total sales
Lifetime guarantee
Merchants who are known to test or conduct research on animals
Merchants who are known to have labor/working condition issues
Merchants who are involved in developments that involve land acquisition and involuntary resettlement
Merchants who are known to have experienced material community issues (e.g., demonstrations, blockades, security threats)
Merchants whose proceeds may have the potential to impact indigenous peoples
Merchants who have been subject to allegation and impacts related to human rights violations
Money back guarantees exceeding 30 days
Motor vehicle sales
Online help for classes, homework or assignments
Online personal computer technical support
Pawn shop
Private prison operators
Psychic services
Sale of airline, hotel, rental, or other miles or points
Sale of products or services identified by government agencies to have a high likelihood of being fraudulent
Sale of social media activity
Sale or exchange of animals and regulated items such as animal pelts
Shipping or forwarding brokers
IllegalCounterfeit or possibly counterfeit goods, or products that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others
Deceptive, unfair, or predatory practices
Forced child labor/human trafficking, slavery
Hate, violence, racial intolerance, terrorism, the financial exploitation of a crime, or items or activities that encourage, promote, facilitate, or instruct others regarding the same
Unlawful activities, illegal substances or products, or items that encourage, promote, facilitate, or instruct others regarding the same
Investment, real estateCommodity trading or security trading; equities (including stocks, bonds, or any other ownership position in a corporation)
Crowdsourced fundraising for stock or equity
Distressed property sales and marketing; real estate filling
Goods or services to be delivered more than four (4) months in the future, with an intention of gaining return on investment
Mortgage accelerator processors
Timeshares, timeshare resales, and related marketing
MarketingBuyers clubs, membership clubs
Direct marketing - inbound telemarketing
Direct marketing - negative option, renewal, or continuity subscription practices
Direct marketing - travel-related arrangement services
Discount coupon merchants or online sites
Discount medical or dental plans, including discount insurance
Door to door sales
Informercial merchants
Lead generation businesses
Lifetime payments for timeshares, guarantees, and the like
Marketing activities involving "pay only for shipping" and/or "free trial" periods
Multi-level marketing businesses, pyramid sales
Outbound telemarketers and telecom merchants
Rebate or upsell merchants
MilitiaCross border military related goods, Militia, armed groups or armed gangs
Political partiesConsulates, embassies, missions to the United Nations
Political organizations
RegulatedAge restricted products or services, such as alcohol
Firearms, including ammunition
Other weapons that are not related to firearms
Tobacco, cigarettes, e-cigarettes
TelecommTelecommunications, including wireless, cable, satellite, wireline, and ISP
TravelAirlines, including charter air carriers
Cruise lines
Travel agencies or tour operators
Travel industry, including car rental and lodging

Failure to comply to these restrictions of service will result in immediate termination of payment processing through wePay (Ultracart Payments) and the immediate refunding -without notice - of all related transactions!

Merchants with existing auto orders prior to integration of Ultracart Payments


UltraCart Payments requires the original order of an auto order be processed with the CVV number.

Due to this requirement, any existing auto orders prior to the integration of UltraCart Payments will not process due to the missing CVV number.

In order to transition from another gateway to the UltraCart Payments gateway, you'll need to reach out to the customer to obtain the CVV  number and restart their auto order.

Setup UltraCart Payments

Follow the step below to setup your account:

  1. By default the account is set to the United States and US dollars. You can change the currency type by going to the Multi-Currency section within the account.
  2. From the Main Menu navigate to Configuration > Checkout > Payments. At the top of the page there will be a section for UltraCart Payments.

    Important Note Regarding Rotating Gateways Configuration

    If your account is configured with rotating gateways, do not use the "Enable UltraCart Payments" in the Payments configuration page.

    Instead, you'll need to navigate to the Rotating Gateways configuration page and click the "New Ultracart Payments" button.

  1. Click "Enable UltraCart Payments" to bring up a short enrollment form. This information will be used to create your account and provide some details about your business.

  2. When you have completed the form simply click the "Enroll" button at the bottom. The page will refresh and you should see the following:

  3. You will also get an activation link sent to your email address. Along with the activation link you will get the "UltraCart Payaments via WePay" email to confirm your account. The "Confirm" button in the email will direct you to the control panel to complete the payment method settings.
  4. After setting a Password and agreeing to the Terms of serivce you will need to verify your account information. SImply fill in your account details and click "Submit".

  5. The next step is to connect your bank account. Simply enter your bank account details and click "Add Bank"

  6. UltraCart Payments is now ready to be used for payments on your store.

Important Note Regarding Testing your UltraCart Payments Gateway

Do Not Perform Test Transactions With Your Own Credit Card!

 In the event that you have made a payment to your own WePay account, please note that self payments and test payments to your own WePay account are prohibited via Section 7 - Prohibited Activities of our Terms of Service (Financial Services>Cash Advances).

Supported Authorization Model

The WePay gateway supports the "auth and capture" authorization model only. You'll need to change your authorization model settings if you have either the "Auth only" or the "Auth then capture" authorization models enabled.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

What do I need to do to start running real transactions?

It will take 24 hours to verify your account information, after that you are ready to process payments.

When will I get my money?

"The date of your next withdrawal is shown at the top of your dashboard. Once a withdrawal is initiated, it typically takes 2-5 business days for the funds to appear in your bank account. Withdrawals are marked "Processing" before we've sent the money to your bank account.  In some situations, we may review your account before sending your withdrawal. This process typically takes up to two business days. You can see an estimate of when you should expect to see funds in your bank account by clicking on Previous Withdrawals in your payment dashboard." (https://support.wepay.com/hc/en-us/articles/203609703-When-will-I-get-my-money-) 

What are the fees to accept credit and debit card payments?

The processing fees are taken from the full order transaction amount and depend on the UltraCart Plan you use. 

For the US

UltraCart PlanTransaction Fee
Free2.90% + $0.30 USD
Small2.90% + $0.30 USD
Medium2.85% + $0.30 USD
Large2.80% + $0.30 USD
Enterprise2.70% + $0.30 USD

For Canada

Also, please check the UltraCart Payments#Required regulatory disclosure of fees in Canada

UltraCart PlanTransaction Fee
Free2.90% + $0.30 CAD
Small2.90% + $0.30 CAD
Medium2.85% + $0.30 CAD
Large2.80% + $0.30 CAD

2.70% + $0.30 CAD

Where do I find information on my transactions and transfers?

From the UltraCart Payments settings page in your Payments Configuration area, you will be able to get to your UltraCart Payments dashboard page where you can view your profile and manage transactions.

Where do I update my personal information?

"My Settings" page in the merchant center is where you will input anything about your profile on UltraCart Payments via WePay. To get to this page click on ULtraCart Payaments Portal shown on the screen above. From there, click "My Settings". Once there, you'll be able to edit your email address, password, contact information, notifications, credit cards, bank accounts.

How to recover the password for WePay Profile?

If you have lost your password for WePay profile or want to reset it, go to this page https://www.wepay.com/register/recover and type in the profile email you have in WePay. The system will send out further instructions to your inbox.

Is UltraCart Payments compatible with "auth only" and "Auth then capture" authorization model configurations?

No. The only compatible authorization model is the standard "Auth and capture" authorization model. All authorizations will be authorized and flagged for capture.

I am testing the checkout with my real credit card and a $1 item and I'm getting a decline message telling me that the address is incorrect, but its not?

The gateway will not allow a single $1 test purchase amount. You'll need to use a minimum total of your test order of $3.

I want to signup for UltraCart Payments, however, I see that does not support my product type (supplements/nutraceutical), so what are my options?

If your product type is not accepted by wePay, UltraCart has many other 3rd party payment gateway integrations that may accept your product type. In the case of so called "high risk" products and services, you may wish to inquire with gateways that cater to those markets, such as: https://www.paykings.com/

Required regulatory disclosure of fees in Canada

One of the key purposes of the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit card industry in Canada is ensuring that merchants are fully aware of the costs associated with accepting credit and debit card payments, thereby allowing merchants to reasonably forecast their monthly costs related to accepting such payments. Below are the fee disclosure for Canadian merchants on each UltraCart plan.

Fee Disclosure for Free and Small Plan users.pdf

Fee Disclosure for Medium Plan users.pdf

Fee Disclosure for Large Plan users.pdf

Fee Disclosure for Enterprise Plan users.pdf