Walmart Channel Partner Integration

Integrating as a Channel Partner

Import orders placed on into your UltraCart account. The channel partner integration will also send back updates to for shipped orders, including tracking information.

Please note: This integration does not perform product listing, you'll do that from


Main Menu → Configuration → (Middle Menu) Integrations → "Channel Partners" (Section) →

Integration Steps

Configuring the Settings

In order for UltraCart to connect to your account, you'll need to configure the following fields:

Configure the following two credentials:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

You will obtain these credentials from as shown below.

From click on Settings, then scroll down to API and click on Consumer IDs & Private Keys

Next click on the Walmart Developer Portal button at the bottom of the page.

The next screen will have your Client ID and Client Secret Key as shown below.

In addition to the credentials the following additional settings appear:

FieldDescriptionRequired Client IDThis is your Walmart account Client ID.Yes Client SecretThis is your Walmart Client Secret. Yes
Don't process orders placed before (MM/DD/YYYY)Any order prior to the configured date will not be imported into UltraCart.No, but recommended
Screen Branding Theme CodeFor merchant processing orders through the legacy Screen Branding Themes.No
Ignore Specific Item Ids (one per line)Configure Walmart items that should not be processed for import into Ultracart.No
Ignore Specific Order Ids (one per line)Configuring any Walmart orders that should not be imported into UltraCart.No
Import orders as purchase ordersWhen enabled, forces all orders to be imported as a Purchase Order, regardless of the payment method used within when the purchase was made.No
Send Emails Directly(We do not recommend selecting this. Most merchants should let send the notices from the information UltraCart feeds

Shipping Method Mapping

Next, you'll need to specify how UltraCart should map the shipping method name to your UltraCart store. UltraCart will perform a shipping method calculation based upon the methods you select below. So for instance if you select three available shipping methods for standard, UltraCart will calculate which of these methods is available for each order that comes through and pick the one that has the top priority and then least expensive one if the priority is not specified. Your preferred method should have a priority of one, then two, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am integrating as a channel partner. I don't see a Walmart tab in the item editor, why not?

Answer: Since Ultracart is not performing product listings, there is no need for a tab of the field mapping. Please log into your account to manage your products. 

Question: We recieved a error about a item mismatch, so we created the missing items in Ultracart. How do I resend the order transmission?

Answer: UltraCart automatically retries sending the pending order transmissions on an hourly basis.