Tutorial: Adding new items to a storefront page using assignment by condition


This tutorial will describe the steps to configure new items into storefront pages using the assignment by condition ‘New item’.


To assign new items into storefront pages using the Item Assignment by conditions, you’ll need to first designate the new items using the ‘New item' checkbox setting located in the 'General Settings’ of the Shipping tab in the Item editor.

Item Configuration

  1. Edit the new item

  2. Click the Shipping tab in the item editor

  3. In the General Settings (first sub-tab to the shipping tab), select the checkbox for ‘New Item

  4. Scroll down and click the ‘Save’ button to save the changes.

Pages Configuration

Once you have the new item(s) configured as described in the section above:

  1. Navigate to the storefront host

  2. From Storefront menu, select ‘Pages’

  3. Click the pencil icon for the page you wish to assign the new item(s)

  4. Click the items tab

  5. In the Item Assignment section, select the Automatically Based on Conditions

  6. A warning appears stating:

    Warning, switching to automatic assignment will remove all manual assignments. Do you wish to continue?
    Select okay

  7. A Conditions section with a drop-down menu appears, select ‘New Item

  8. An optional radio button setting appears below the drop-down menu containing the conditions, prompting you with: Items Must Match: ‘All Conditions’ or ‘Any Conditions’, which will default to the ‘Any Condition’ choice. If adding multiple conditions, make sure to choose the appropriate option:


  9. Next, click the ‘Preview Item Matches’ button to confirm that the new items are assigned: