EDI: Short Shipping a Purchase Order

Retailers that Support Editing

EDI is a very detailed game of data matching up. You can’t just assume that you can make any arbitrary edit that you want to an EDI order. Before editing an order, know whether the EDI channel partner supports adjustments to the quantity on an order.

Editing the Quantity on an Order

Editing the quantity on an order needs to happen BEFORE the order leaves the Accounts Receivable department.

When looking at an individual order, click on the edit items button as shown below.

Once the order editor appears, you can adjust the quantity for a given item.

Save the edits when done.

For EDI channel partners that utilize 875 grocery purchase orders instead of 850 purchase orders, the original quantity will be recorded as property EDI_G6801.

Now that you’ve adjusted the quantity on the order, you can complete the ASN for the new quantity. Please note that you can not adjust quantities in the ASN tool. You need to edit the quantity BEFORE you start using the ASN tool.

After the ASN is complete, that triggers the normal process to send the:

  • 810 - Invoice

  • 856 - Advanced Shipment Notification

At that point in time, if there was a short then an 870 (Order Status Report) is sent as well.

As a side note, it’s CRITICAL that you always complete EDI orders with the ASN tool. Failure to complete an order this way will result in EDI documents not being transmitted and fines from the retailer.

If you’re unsure of what documents have been transmitted for an order, view the order’s EDI document archive.