All Themes - Hide Update and Continue Shopping Button on Single Page Checkout

This tutorial will guide you through the process of hiding the update and continue shopping buttons on the single page checkout using a CSS override.  First let's take a look at the buttons we want to remove from the checkout.

To remove these buttons we're going to add some CSS to the override.css file.  First click on the File Manager tab.

Now click on the following directories

  • themes
  • <current theme which is in green>
  • assets
  • css

Screenshots of this are shown below.

Now we need to click on the "override.css" file as shown below.

The two buttons that we're interested in hiding have id attributes on them so it is easy to paste the following code into the override.css file and save it.

#continueShopping {
  display: none;
#ucUpdateQuantityId {
  display: none;

Once we've saved the override.css file we can check the checkout page again and see that the buttons are now properly hidden.