Storefront Themes Tutorial - Activating or Suppressing Google Auto Complete


How to activate or suppress Google AutoComplete feature in your Storefront.


From your Storefront Menu, click on the Themes tab as shown below.

Next, scroll down below the installed theme to the "Theme Settings" -> "General theme" settings section:

Congratulations! - You've just modified the AutoComplete Functionality to your storefront.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are getting reports of an issue affecting customers using the IE browser, where they are encountering a problem with the Address 1 field during the checkout not allowing the address to be entered (an exclamation point appears in the input field.)  What is the issue and what is the fix to it?

A: The issue is related to the "Google Autocomplete" feature. If you are encountering this issue, temporarily turn off the Google Autocomplete, then submit a case to referencing this issue, and make sure to provide your merchantID and the storefront host name.


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