Items (configuration)

The Items section of Configuration is where you create the rules that your UltraCart account will follow in regards to how your Items are configured and what options you can use in regards to how you sell items.

Configuration Items Item Configuration (section)

The Item Configuration section has 7 subareas; Dynamic Pricing, Items, Mix and Match Groups, Perishable Classes, Pricing Tiers, Reviews, Store Wide Item Options and Upsell After.


Dynamic PricingDynamic pricing is the process of embedding images for the prices of each individual item into web pages.
Items Configure items
Mix and Match GroupsConfigure mix and match groups (sets of items that qualify for discounts when purchased in qty's together.)
Perishable ClassesConfigure details for items that require time sensitive delivery.
Pricing TiersDefine separate non-retail pricing based on customer profile assignment.
ReviewsConfigure forms for adding item review section to your website
Store Wide Item OptionsConfigure item options that are applicable to multiple items
Upsell AfterConfigure offers that are displayed to the customer when they finalize their initial purchase.