Configure a Custom Shipping Method for a Fulfillment House

Configure a Custom Shipping Method for a Fulfillment House

By default each fulfillment center supported by UltraCart has a hard coded list of UltraCart Shipping Method to Fulfillment Center Shipping Codes.  There are a few fulfillment houses that support configuration of a custom shipping method:

  • 3PL Central
  • AtCostFulfillment (now
  • AtLast Fulfillment
  • Capacity
  • CustomCD
  • EFS
  • Fulex
  • Fulfillment Works
  • Global Fulfillment
  • Kunaki
  • Landis Logistics
  • Major Fulfillment
  • Moulton Logistics
  • Peak Nutrition
  • PMA Fulfillment
  • ProLog Logistics
  • Promail ("Veracore") (please see Promail section at the end of this document)
  • ProStar Fulfillment
  • Ship4U
  • SpeedGS
  • Sprocket Express
  • Thill Logistics
  • United Fulfillment Solutions
  • Webgistix
  • WeFulfillit

If your fulfillment house supports custom shipping method codes then simply follow this click path:

Below is an example of what the configuration section looks like:

Understanding Promail Custom Shipping Method Codes

If your fulfillment house is using the Promail integration then it's important to read this section.

The first thing to understand about the Promail integration is that many fulfillment houses use their software.  There is no standard set of codes.  Your fulfillment house will need to give you their codes in order to properly configure the integration.

The value you enter into the "Custom Shipping Method Code" field goes over to Promail in their "order.shipping.shippingOption.description" field.

The second thing to understand is that it's critical that you test sending test over orders with these codes before trying to take live traffic!