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titleDo Not Perform Test Transactions With Your Own Credit Card!

 In the event that you have made a payment to your own WePay account, please note that self payments and test payments to your own WePay account are prohibited via Section 7 - Prohibited Activities of our Terms of Service (Financial Services>Cash Advances).


From the UltraCart Payments settings page in your Payments Configuration area, you will be able to get to your UltraCart Payments dashboard page where you can view your profile and manage transactions.

Where do I update my personal information?

"My Settings" page in the merchant center is where you will input anything about your profile on UltraCart Payments via WePay. To get to this page click on ULtraCart Payaments Portal shown on the screen above. From there, click "My Settings". Once there, you'll be able to edit your email address, password, contact information, notifications, credit cards, bank accounts.

How to recover the password for WePay Profile?

If you have lost your password for WePay profile or want to reset it, go to this page and type in the profile email you have in WePay. The system will send out further instructions to your inbox.

Is UltraCart Payments compatible with


Yes, however, If your account is configured with rotating gateways, do not use the "Enable UltraCart Payments" in the Payments configuration page.  
Instead, you'll need to navigate to the Rotating Gateways configuration page and click the "New Ultracart Payments" button.

Is UltraCart Payments compatible with "auth only" and "Auth then capture" authorization model configurations?

No. The only compatible authorization model is the standard "Auth and capture" authorization model. All authorizations will be authorized and flagged for capture.

I am testing the checkout with my real credit card and a $1 item and I'm getting a decline message telling me that the address is incorrect, but its not?

The gateway will not allow a single $1 test purchase amount. You'll need to use a minimum total of your test order of $3.

I want to signup for UltraCart Payments, however, I see that does not support my product type (supplements/nutraceutical), so what are my options?

If your product type is not accepted by wePay, UltraCart has many other 3rd party payment gateway integrations that may accept your product type. In the case of so called "high risk" products and services, you may wish to inquire with gateways that cater to those markets, such as: