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  1. Log into WordPress, then click Plugins in the lefthand menu
  2. Next, click Settings
  3. Scroll down and click the Disconnect UltraCart button

  4. Next click the Connect to UltraCart button that appears in the Ultracart  plugin settings page

Optional Clean up within UltraCart

If you are seeing multiple instances of the WordPress Plugin and corresponding WordPress webhook within the UltraCart Developer Tools, you can revoke the old, inactive instances.


UPDATE: As of 08/11/2021 when you perform the Disconnect/Reconnect steps above, UltraCart will automatically remove all stales API application instances.
Please email if plugin errors continue after performing the disconnect/reconnect with the plugin.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Q:  I received an error on the back-end of my Wordpress site when trying to sync my items because new items weren't pulling in to Wordpress from UltraCart. I disconnected and reconnected Ultracart and now my items aren't syncing at all. I see a 403 error in the UltraCart Wordpress Webhook Logs. What could be the issue?