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The customer can view their accrued Loyalty Rewards points by logging into their My Account Customer Portal customer profile.

The process of a customer claiming and using a loyalty reward is:
  1. The customer logs into the "


  1. My account, Customer portal"
  2. They click on 'Loyalty Reward' in the My Account menu
  3. They will see a summary of the 'Current Points' and also 'Points needed for next reward'. Available rewards appear just below the points summary section.
  4. If there are available rewards appearing, the customer will click the 'Claim Reward' button.
  5. The claimed reward will appear in in the next section 'Claimed Rewards'
  6. The customer can begin the shopping with the coupon by clicking on either the coupon description or coupon code (they are both hyperlinked), which will apply the coupon to the cart for immediate shopping/redemption. (Alternatively, they can copy the copde and enter it into the apply coupon field in the shopping cart checkout.)


Campaigns allow you to setup specials where customers can earn extra points from purchases made during a set time period or for a specific set of items. For example; Black Friday sales.