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STOP! What are you wanting to do?

→ I want to copy a theme from one StoreFront to another.

→ I want to clone/copy an entire StoreFront and overwrite an existing StoreFront.

There's a big difference. The theme contains the look & feel of the site. It contains templates, js files, css files and images, etc.

Copying an entire StoreFront involves copying over pages, menus, and every configuration option you've specified, all the way down to conversion and tracking.

Be careful with copying an entire StoreFront. It completely destroys whatever exists in the target space. There are additional steps if you wish to copy an entire StoreFront. You'll see them highlighted below.

UltraCart does not keep backups of entire StoreFronts. If you wipe out your StoreFront ... we'll cry along with you, but that's all we can do.

titleLimitation to copying entire Storefront

IF you have modified your storefront host address from the defaulted /, you may will not be able to perform the "copy of the entire storefront to new storefront" step. This will be evident if you do not see the "Create Sample File" option at the bottom of the Themes tab. IT In that situation, you will only be able to copy the theme over and your then need to manually reconfigure the rest of the storefront.