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Click the box to the left of the payment method that you wish to configure.
In almost all cases, there will be additional information to add to complete the configuration.
Once you have completed the required configuration details, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.

Transaction Gateways (Single)Here you will configure your specific credit card gateway with its configuration credentials.
Transaction Gateways ()This is an advanced configuration option which allows you to configure multiple credit card gateways.
See: Rotating Transaction Gateway for more details. 

titleSelecting Card Types To Appear in Checkout

After you have configure the gateway credentials and card types you are setup to process through the gateway, you'll then toggle those card types to display  in the checkout by clicking the logo images that appear in the Credit and Debit card section pf the payments page. For example in the screenshot image above, the Diners Club and JCB card types are greyed out, because they are not active card types for the checkout. If greyed out, the card types will not appear as an option to the customer during checkout.

Credit and Debit Card Settings


Answer: There are a number of gateways that offer e-check processing, for example Authorize.Net offers e-check support, but to be brutally honest customers rarely use e-check payments when it's offered to them. E-check transactions amount to fractions of a percent for most merchants because most people/businesses that want to draft money out of their account will already have a PayPal account w/ their checking account linked (or want to send a paper check.) Our advise regarding payment processing is this:

* Visa/MC is a given
* AMEX is a good idea as a long of business customers have AMEX.
* PayPal - always a good idea. Some merchants have seen a 30% boost in transactions by supporting PayPal
* Amazon Payments - new, but coming on strong with customers. 

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