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Store → Items → Edit Item → Digital Delivery → Digital Library Manage Available Files (button)

Digital Library

The first component of the digital delivery system is the digital library. The digital library allows merchants to upload and manage all of the digital content to be made available to their customers. The digital library allows digital content to be associated with multiple products that are for sale. For example, a track to a CD may be available on both a normal album and a greatest hits collection. By using a digital library, merchants are able to upload the file once, link it to more than one item and thereby conserve space and reduce cost. 


To Manage the Digital files, click the "Manage Available Files" button (marked "B" below).

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The Digital Library screen offers several functions and is divided into three sections; Library List, Upload Section and Upload File Collection. Until you upload digital files, the Library List area will be blank. Therefore the Upload Section will be discussed first.