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iContact is a popular third-party auto responder to use with UltraCart. This tutorial will explain how to configure iContact with UltraCart. To visit the UltraCart website, click


First navigate to the iContact configuration page

Home Operations (Marketing)  3rd Party Email iContact

Next click on the here link shown in step 2.

After you click link it will take you to a login screen for iContact.  Enter your normal login credentials in the form provided.

Linking URL update

As of 6/05/2014 the link is temporary broken the correct url to perform the account linking step is: 

If you get an "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable " when clicking the link in Step 2 then past this URL into the page and click enter and you will be taken to the login prompt.


After logging in it will take you to the manage external applications as shown below.

In the Application ID enter the value RbiHWEjlYFgX7DhBwuGWGtESwMTRrQq9

In the create password field you will need to come up with a new password.  Think of this as the API password that UltraCart will use to communicate with your iContact account.  After you are done entering the information and clicking save the screen should look like below.

Notice the UltraCart external program is now listed.  Switching back to the UltraCart iContact screen we need to enter the iContact username and the new API password in the two fields in step 3.

The final step is to configure which lists UltraCart will subscribe the customer to when an order is placed.  This is done in step 4.  First we need to click on My Contacts tab and then My Lists as shown below.

Click on the list that you would like to subscribe the customer to.

After you click the link you will notice that there is a numeric identifier in the URL as shown below.

Take the identifier from the URL and enter it into the List IDs field of step 4.


Congratulations! -You have now completed the basic configuration of iContact with UltraCart.

Item level configuration

Configuring item level subscription on the Buy Link URL


Configuring item level subscription via 3rd Party Marketing section of Item Editor

Navigate to Item Management to locate the item.  Once located, click on the Item ID.  Click the "Other Tab" then click on "3rd Party Marketing":

Your iContact lists will be displayed.  Select the "Subscribe" or "Unsubscribe" check-box for the list(s) as appropriate for this item.

Click save when finished.